We are still gathering Antony's published and unpublished writings. He was always writing in a journal, so there's got to be a lot of stuff out there.
For now, a few Antonyisms are below.  To share any of his writings, please comment below.

End of the Rodeo (2003)

(selected items from Facebook posts and emails)

FYI I just spent one minute reflecting upon all the people I have met in my life. I am one lucky SOB. Thank you! And that's about as sappy as I get (sober). 
I watched a TV show today where a character smacked another character in the head with a gold ingot. I paused the show, as I am apt to do in these instances, and googled the weight of said weapon. It turns out he basically lifted 6 full two litre bottles of water (effortlessly, I might add) and knocked the other man out. Oh, 12.3 kilos, by the way, and yes I weighed the water before returning to the show. Now you know what's happening in my head when I raise an eyebrow during conversation. 
Seriously folks, no one thought to mention this to me?! A sci-fi TV show about time travel, and a myriad of paradoxes, and no one thinks, hey I should tell Antony about this. Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now! 
Three thoughts: I am clearly a meat lover. Second, what the hell do vegetarians use their freezer's for? Lastly, I find vacuum packing weirdly meditative. One of the best purchases I have ever made - you know, after, like, meat! 
I have decided to deal head on with what I have, in the past, considered the bane of summertime - the cicada. After listening to a Radiolab podcast, I have been doing a little research and the little musicians (heretofore referred to as noisy bastards) are a species known as Cryptotympana atrata. It is through science and investigation into their calls, structure and anatomy (evil grin) that I shall go from a hater to something that resembles appreciative - or as close as I can get.

A few quotes from messages with Kelsey Smith
Tweaking is a blast. As opposed to twerking, which is just stupid. 
Interviewer: What's your greatest weakness?
Me: Answering the semantics of a question but ignoring the pragmatics.
Interviewer: Could you give me an example?
Me: Yes I could. 
Today has been a motionless day, and those are occasionally good. One does not celebrate the making of a milkshake as the pinnacle of productivity lightly. 
Although the idea of plausible deniability amuses me, most of my ops are overt. 
How the hell did I get invited to a vegan potluck? I can go as a meat terrorist! Stealthy dropping bacon bits on all the dishes.

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